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backpack DIAMOND

Winner Promotional Gift Award 2019: the new backpack DIAMOND!


We dispose our products only by distributors for promotional articles. Orders by private persons can not be taken.

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No matter whether 50 or 500 bags: a customary parcels service or a freight forwarder is the most inexpensive logistics service provider. This is why we are unable to quote you lump-sum shipping costs. We make you the following guarantee however: We always commission our most inexpensive parcels service/our most inexpensive freight forwarder with the delivery of your order.

How you can determine the exact costs? You can either contact us by telephone before placing your order and our staff would be pleased to answer all of your shipping costs questions or you place your order through our shop. We will then contact you before executing your order and will inform you of the exact shipping costs.

We would be pleased to answer any other shipping costs questions! Contact us by telephone or send us an e-mail!