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lunchbag SOLUTION

In our lunchbag SOLUTION your snacks will always stay chilled.


We dispose our products only by distributors for promotional articles. Orders by private persons can not be taken.

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All personal data which you transmit to us is exclusively used for the processing of your orders. All data is dealt with in the strictest confidence and in accordance with the data protection law regulations. The data is only passed on to third parties (e.g. shipping company) if this is required for the processing of the order. The order data is transmitted in an encrypted and secured form but we assume no liability however for the data security during this transmission via the Internet (e.g. as a result of the Internet provider suffering a technical error) or for a possible criminal access to the data on our Internet presentation by third parties. The customer can demand information on the personal data which has been stored by him. He can also demand that the personal data which he has stored be deleted if the contractual relationship has been fully terminated and the storage of the data is not stipulated. The customer is to handle access data which has been transmitted to him at his request in the strictest confidence as we assume no liability whatsoever for the application and utilisation of this data.

Data which is not of a personal nature
Each time access is made to a page, data is stored in relation to this process. This data is not of a personal nature. It is therefore not possible to determine which user has called up which data. The following data records are stored in each case, among others:
- the name of the accessed files
- the date and time of the access
- the transmitted data volume
- the access status (e.g. error messages such as “File not found“)
- the (Internet) page from which the file was requested
- a description of the type of the web browser which is used.